Thursday, 9 February 2012

Reduced to Childhood ....................

It's surprising what can reduce me to feelings of frustration - just as I felt as a child when things didn't go to plan or my way!  Monday evening after quite a loud bang (think balloon being burst), the lights went out whilst I was trying to iron school blouses for tuesday morning - after a quick trip to the fuse box in the garage the lights came back on but I was left with the tedious job of trying to get the sky box to re-engage (such a bore) - after several failed attempts we also discovered (when elder daughter came stomping down the stairs to ask if I had turned off the internet) that we no longer had an internet connection.  I duly rang sky to ask what I could do (I had already poked around the reset hole on the back of the router to no avail) and after much discussion and several "pardon" "could you repeat that" "sorry" - we discovered that there was no power coming into the router - yes a fuse had blown in the "supposedly computer safe extension sockets" which had in turn blown the fuse in the power cable.  "We can send you a new power cable unless you can borrow someone's to test your router" said the patient man on the end of the phone - I couldn't possibly print what I was thinking about this but along the lines of "who has a router similar to ours who lives close enough to borrow" - anyway, he agreed to send out a new power cable which would take 3 - 5 working days to arrive!  THREE TO FIVE WORKING DAYS - I thought this was 2012 not 1912.  Could I pay for it to be sent special delivery I asked politely - "no, I'm afraid not - I would send it special delivery if I could" said the patient man.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH - I thought.  I slammed about a bit after I hung up - threw a few things down - pressed the tv button which came on as though it was too afraid not to and elder daughter finished the ironing for me.  How could we live for three to five days without the internet?  Well, I did feel like a child - not particularly proud of this either. The husband spent most of Tuesday morning trying to locate a replacement cable for me to no avail - but surprisingly although I missed the contact the internet gives me, I have noticed how much more time I have!  The girls were decidedly moody about this on Tuesday afternoon but we have spent more time with each other rather than being locked in our own little worlds on the computers.  One final thing I discovered too - I need to teach my elder daughter how to iron shirts - she was completely lost when contemplating one of her father's shirts so decided to leave it for me!

But surprise surprise - an hour ago there was a knock at the door and a lovely man handed me an envelope with a new power cable - I'm connected with the world again - what a relief.

The snow is still hanging around - the road outside our house is like an ice rink - I hate it.

Monday afternoon putting out some water for the birds

Some bird seeds too

My own snow angel

Snow Angel!

The snow is melting - Tuesday morning

Tuesday morning

Thursday morning - still hanging around!

Thursday morning - going ................... but not yet gone!

More snow is predicted - let's hope this goes before we get more.


  1. I wondered where you were - nice to have you back. I agree we spend far too much time connected to these computers and how nice is it when for one reason (would rather not have had your reason) or another we spend time with each other.

  2. I am always amazed at how much time I have on holiday when we are away from all internet connection. I am usually glued to the laptop and need to pry myself away every now & then! Love your shed by the way x

  3. Ha ha, I loved the photo of you making a snow angel!