Tuesday, 28 January 2014

MY BIRTHDAY ............... anyone else's?

It was my birthday on Saturday - I'm not saying how old I am - suffice to say any cake with the same number of candles as my age would be inedible after the candle wax melted onto it!

I always knew 25th January was Robbie Burns' birthday, then I discovered a few years ago that 25th January was also the day that Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII married.  However, a few days ago I read on another blog ( that the 25th January is Wales' own Valentines Day - in fact it is St. Dwynwen Day, the Welsh Saint of love and lovers.  Maybe that's why Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII married on that day ........... but then again, maybe not!  Then today I discovered, for the first time (and why I didn't already know this is beyond me) that 25th January was also Virginia Woolf's birthday.

It would seem I am in very good company.  Is there anyone else born on 25th January.