Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cooking the Books .................

Dom at Belleau Kitchen has something a little different for us this month in his Random Recipe Challenge - he wants photographs of our recipe books. 

What was meant to be a simple exercise of taking a few photographs turned into a mammoth tidy up and cull of some old books that have outlived their usefulness.  Not the cookery books you understand, no these were of the "Toddler Taming" and  "Beyond Toddlerdom" variety - as my daughters are now 18 and 13 - these books are now obsolete along with a few (why do I have three) Trinny & Susannah books.  This gave me some much needed space on the bookshelf upstairs to move some books which had formed an orderly pile on the floor downstairs and a few others from the bookshelf in the passage downstairs, this gave me some extra shelf space to tidy my recipe books, although they are still in no order, except that those I use most often are easy to reach.

These are the books on two shelves which are in the passage just outside the kitchen door - easy to reach.

View of the same books from the opposite angle.

The untidy pile on the lower shelf, right hand side are a mixture of magazines and books.  Some of these magazines date back to 1988 - when I was living in Australia!

Almost the whole bookshelf in the kitchen

Top shelf of the books in the kitchen

Bottom shelf of the bookshelf in the kitchen

I think that's all of them.  I had almost forgotten some of them, so it's been a really useful exercise in housekeeping (lots of dust) and nostalgia.

I'm so looking forward to Dom's round-up - can't wait to have a look at everyone else's books.

So, this is it, my entry into this month's random recipes.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

No Hampton Court Flower Show For Me ..........

I really wanted to go to Hampton Court Flower Show this weekend - but it is not to be.  As a consolation we went to our local Garden Centre this afternoon and I bought a new rose.

Isn't it beautiful?  It's name is Wollerton Old Hall and it has the most unusual perfume which the label tells me is myrrh - it smells like aniseed to me, but then until today I had never smelt myrrh.

It was raining when we came home so I snipped off this little branch and have them in the sitting room in water - I was afraid the rain would ruin the petals as it has done to my beautiful white rose.