Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Allotment

This is the site for the new allotment - I have opted for a small plot of 30 sq metres.  Because we are one of the first to view the site we had our pick of the plots! So ours is 30 metres back from the blue pipe towards the top of the photograph - there will be a water butt of some description where the blue pipe now is and the path will run through the centre (hope that makes sense).  Anyway, we have paid our money and we have a key to the gate, although we can't start planting yet, we have to wait for the path to be laid, water connected, the toilet block (saw that they had dug the foundations last Saturday before the snow came down), a common room and disabled parking.  I'm starting to get excited and am making a "wish list" which is far too long and needs to be whittled down considerably.

The view from outside - well, not exactly a view - but you probably know what I mean!

The park outside the gates of the allotment - good place for a walk - or to walk a dog (soon)!


  1. How exciting is this and its not even mine! How lucky to have the first offer. Are there restrictions on what you can plant? ie fruit trees would be difficult as they could cast shadows on other peoples plots, or do you have to restrict yourself to rows of veg, hebs and flowers? Can't wait to see your design/plan.
    And a dog??

    1. I'm not sure about restrictions to planting, apparently we will be sent a booklet of rules and regulations, the chap I spoke to at the site didn't think a small tree would be a problem, I was thinking of a small cherry tree and maybe a "stepover" pear. But then on the other hand, trees take a lot of moisture from the soil and as you say block the light. I also want to grow some soft fruit - blackberries, raspberries, red/black/white currants. As with the cherry tree, these fruits are rather expensive to buy when they are in the shops so growing my own is worthwhile. I'm weighing up between only growing what is expensive to buy versus growing what we eat a lot of - if that makes sense.

  2. How lovely to have a brand new allotment with all mod cons.

    I take it you won't be able to make your fence out of old doors? :)