Monday, 20 February 2012

More Birthday Presents ................

I know it seems odd to talk about my birthday presents, particularly as it was almost a month ago, however, said presents took a definite theme this year - kitchen and garden - I've already mentioned the kitchen items, but now for the garden themed presents.  First item is the book above - Rural Australian Gardens - a really beautiful book with some inspiring gardens - I seem to sigh a lot as I look through again and again.

Second gift (both of which are from my sister in Australia) are the new gardening gloves.  Partly as a gift to encourage me with my allotment.  Rather nice gloves, not too bulky either, there's nothing worse than gloves that are bulky and unbending in the garden.

Finally, a good friend has bought me a ticket (well two, one for her and one for me) for this year's Chelsea Flower Show - a lovely day to look forward to.


  1. Lovely book. You are so luck to be going to the Chelsea flower show. I was there 10 years ago and had a brillant time.

  2. OOOh how I would love to be going to Chelsea again this year with you! Glad you liked your gifts! Looking forward to allotment news as soon as it is less frosty!