Thursday, 2 February 2012

My Birthday Presents ...............

I really get a great deal of pleasure buying birthday presents - taking the time to find something that I think the recipient will really love and want, so I was delighted with some of the presents that I received for my birthday last week.  Elder daughter went all out and bought me a Le Creuset casserole that I was thrilled with.

Younger daughter bought me a rubber mat for hot pots and a measuring cup that I have had my eye on for a while - I love the retro feel of it and it reminds me of the measuring cups we used at school for Domestic Science (now that's ageing me isn't it - how long ago was the name of this lesson changed?)

And finally, the husband bought me the larger pink kettle that I wanted - plus I bought myself a new mug from a lovely Cook Shop in Brentwood.

Some may turn their nose up at gifts like these (a friend told me that if she had received a kettle for her birthday from her husband he would be wearing it) but I couldn't have been happier if I'd been given diamonds ...................... well ....... maybe ............. diamonds?


  1. I would have been very happy too with all these lovely kitchen gifts - they know what you like. Must keep an eye out for one of those retro measuring cups I remember them very well from old school days!

  2. Lovely Presents. I much prefer to give and recive presents that are useful.