Friday, 3 February 2012

Fruit Crumble

Have you noticed lately that when you reach the end of a cereal packet, the crumbs left at the bottom have increased in volume?  I have noticed this particularly with packets of Special K - in fact so much is left that instead of throwing it away I've now taken to saving it and using it in a fruit crumble.

This was the latest amount of cereal remaining in the packet - which weighed 3 ounces!

Yesterday, I discovered three pears in the drawer in the fridge which were past their best for eating, but were perfect, once peeled, for cooking, so together with a small packet of blueberries and some frozen raspberries a couple of tablespoons of golden caster sugar they went into a dish.

I whizzed up the Special K crumbs and added some rolled oats - scattered this over the fruit, another tablespoon of the sugar and baked it in the oven at 160c for approximately thirty minutes.

Oops - forgot to photograph before dishing up ......... again!

It's a particularly quick and easy dessert - and tastes wonderful.  I've made this with all kinds of different fruits that happen to be sitting around and particularly love it made with a mixture of soft fruits that I buy frozen from the local farm shop.


  1. What a good idea - no waste! I love a crumble with any type of fruit. Lovely.

    1. I know it sounds a bit scrooge like to be using cereal crumbs but I was getting fed up throwing so much away every couple of weeks - hence the "quick quick crumble".

  2. This looks really delicious! Thanks for visiting AND commenting on my laundry room post. I'm not sure why you were surprised to be commenting. Although, I couldn't respond back because you are a NO REPLY BLOGGER. But, I found you anyway. ;-) Again, thanks so much for commenting and come back and see me sometime.


    1. Thanks for commenting Karen - I wasn't surprised to be commenting, although I always read your blog and this is possibly only the second time I have commented. I was surprised to be commenting on a laundry room! Thanks for finding me, I didn't realise I am a No Reply Blogger - I shall have to look into that.