Monday, 13 February 2012

The Bloggers Voluntary Code of Fair Practice

I made rather a big mistake in my post yesterday for Rhubarb and Ginger Jam.  I mistakenly thought that as long as I made it clear a recipe was not my own and clearly named the author of the recipe that it was okay.  How wrong could I be.  Well, here is my hopefully very public apology to Vanessa Kimbell author of  Prepped for using her jam recipe in my post. 

You will note that there is now a Bloggers Voluntary Code of Fair Practice that I am most definitely signing up to and if you would like to know what this encompasses then I will direct you to Vanessa Kimbell's blog at

For my other apologies please refer to my other blog L'heure Du The.

I hope this apology is acceptable, believe me I never intended to infringe copyright or to do the wrong thing.


  1. Oh goodness I think I could have fallen into a similar trap - will have to be very careful.

  2. Hi Jennifer, I'm not sure if you amended your post since then, but you gave clear credit to Vanessa and wrote the method in your own words - so I don't think you did anything wrong. Either way, keep blogging!

    1. Thank you Ren, no I haven't altered the post - I think I just became really confused following a comment on my other blog relating to a recipe I used from Dan Lepard's book. I hope I'm completely clear now on what I can and cannot write.