Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Grapes of Wrath ............

We harvested the grapes this afternoon and chopped down the vines.  The garden looks quite bare now but I am so pleased to get rid of the vines finally, they were becoming so bedraggled and forlorn as autumn sapped the colour from the leaves.  We harvested quite a lot of grapes (and baby snails and ladybirds too) and I was not too sure what to do with them all ....... jam, jelly, juice or a cake?  Well, to be honest there were so many and they are so tiny with pips in them that the thought of taking the pips out of all of them to make jam or jelly filled me with dread. 

So, tonight, we washed them, liberated the living creatures, set aside one pound of them and juiced the rest.

What a palaver.  We painstakingly took each of the grapes off of the stalks, weighed out those I want for a cake and set about juicing the rest of them.  I washed and sterilised four bottles, wondering if I would have enough bottles for all the juice I was expecting ................. I needn't have worried.

This was all the juice we managed to extract - it'll all be gone tomorrow.

And here's the lovely mess I had to clear up.

We also chopped down all the tomato plants.  And these are the last of them.

And I had to throw in this picture of a pretty box of eggs I found in Sainsburys last week - I've never seen them before.  They're not organic, but the box is pretty!   My daughter who bakes loved them and was aproned up and baking more fairy cakes last night for a table party at school lunchtime today - the girls hold table parties for their birthday.  Then there she was again tonight, baking some for us because she had missed out on a cake at lunchtime today - there were thirteen girls at the party and only twelve fairy cakes.


  1. Are they eating grapes, I could eat my weight in grapes. I garden northeast so things like that don't do well here.

  2. They are eating grapes Cookie Jar, very sweet, I put just barely a dessertspoonful of sugar in the juice, but to eat the grapes on their own they are quite sweet, but very small with a normal sized seed in them, which makes de-seeding a nightmare, although I will have to do it in order to make the cake I have in mind. I asked my husband this morning why we had picked the grapes all at once and not a few bunches at a time - we both looked at each other and laughed!

  3. Oh my what a lot of grapes - what little juice - what hard work!
    I must say I am very impressed with Sera's baking pursuit you are definitely going to have to put her to work. What a great egg box haven't seen anything like that down here.!

  4. What do you mean chopped down?Got rid of tehm both??But why.Look which lovely products you had and made of them:))

  5. Dzoli - no I haven't got rid of the vines - just chopped them back to the base, all the leaves were turning yellow and dying. My husband would never get rid of his vines - he loves dolma too much!