Wednesday, 28 September 2011

BC and AD or BCE and CE

I think I owe Australia an apology!  Whilst I was busy denigrating their government for wanting to remove the terms BC and AD from school history books, our own country is doing something similar.  I fail to see why a corporation like the BBC should remove the reference to Christ's birth when referring to the year - surely we have much bigger concerns with the world economy - what's the expression "Nero fiddled whilst Rome burned"?  (All and any corrections to this quotation gratefully accepted).

Where are our great Statesmen at this time of crisis?  Busy "slagging" each other off at their party conferences - but, sorry - we don't seem to have any great Statesmen any longer.

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  1. There are no Great Statesman..Politics is just a dirty room full of greedy unpassionate get rich quickly people...nothing is sacred to them..way of modern li(f)e?