Thursday, 20 October 2011

Great British Bake Off Revisited

I've just finished watching The Great British Bake Off Revisited - highlights of last year's competition.  It seems hard to believe that it was so long ago.  So lovely to see what everyone is doing since the programme finished. 

It's hard to watch this programme without needing to have something to eat - cake for preference - fortunately my younger daughter had made a Victoria Sandwich at school this week, which I forgot to photograph before we cut into it, but it was completely delicious.


  1. She could be a contender for the programme some day.

  2. good for you! She did well - it looks lovely. train our kids young I say, so we can eat cake regularly!

  3. Tell the truth it looked so good you cut into it before you got the camera.

  4. The Cookie Jar - Watching tv last night I noticed that there is to be a children's version of the GBBO on CBBC next week.

    Working London Mummy - that's what I think too!

    Magnolia Veranda - oh well, okay - it was good though and although you can't see it properly from the photograph, it had quite a good rise as well.