Sunday, 25 March 2012

Not Enough Hours in the Day ............. ?

I've just read the recent post entitled "What Did We Do Before Blogging?!!"  by My French Country Home - a very good question, it was only this afternoon that I wondered when I would finally get the opportunity to sit down today (dinnertime excluded).  I think it had something to do with waking up late and daylight saving - having lost an hour today, but it seems that as the girls have got older instead of having more time to myself I seem to have less!  Elder daughter is always in need of being driven somewhere, younger daughter always needs help with homework and I do have to drive them to school each day and collect them most afternoons - a round trip journey of one hour, so I know where two hours of my day go at least!   I only work part time two days a week, so I think my blogging time must be taken from my housework time!  Who can complain about that - certainly not me!

I don't read as often as I did, although having said that I've recently finished two books, one by Christie Dickason - entitled The Noble Assassin - gripping story set during the reign of James I - what a tricky time it was, how the nobility had to take great care not to be tainted with any hint of treason.  A very good read, I'm now reading another of Christie Dickason's books entitled The King's Daughter - I should probably have read this first because it details the life of the Princess Elizabeth, daughter of James I, whereas The Noble Assassin is set later and the Princess is therefore older and married.

My second reading project, which didn't take as long to read as I had feared, due in no small part to how well written the book is and how gripping the storyline.

I had never given much thought to Thomas Cromwell in history, yet he was pivotal in history both with Cardinal Wolsey and Henry VIII after the death of Wolsey.  His background was quite humble (the son of a Blacksmith) and yet he managed to rise to a great height and accumulate great wealth.  In Wolf Hall he becomes a likeable character who is a loving and kind father, despite his own father having been a tyrant who would beat him as a child, he became the opposite as a father himself, even taking on the role of father figure to his nephew.  The sadness conveyed when his beloved wife dies, as also the following year when his two young daughters die, makes him a very human figure.  Was he really this likeable?  Could someone as ambitious as he be as caring as he is shown to be? Was he really in love with Jane Seymour?   Really, it no longer matters, I do feel the need to read more about his life and downfall though - apparently brought about by his support of Anne of Cleves - and wish that Hilary Mantel had written more, or at least have written part two!

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  1. Don't where you get the time to read so much. Thank goodness I have a 40min train ride back and forth to work otherwise I would never have time to read anything I am sure. Bloging (as the computer has now been moved to the kitchen is squeezed in between chores!