Thursday, 22 March 2012

Mother's Day .........................

Once again I have been blessed with some lovely gifts for Mother's Day .....................

Hmmm ..... I wonder what's in this box!

I love these ....... delicious red boots

No wonder younger daughter was sniggering when we were in the garden centre on Saturday as I looked at the boots!  Are you going to buy some she asked - Yes, when I have some spare cash I replied - which I have been saying ever since I signed on the dotted line for my allotment.  My old green ones had been handed down to elder daughter, although I say old but they had hardly been worn since they no longer fitted me (one of those things that happen after pregnancy, although not to everyone it seems - I'm talking about larger feet).  Thankfully my girls do listen to me when I witter on because I had been saying I can only buy the shorter boots for fear that my fat legs and jeans combined would not fit inside the boots - and there they were on Sunday morning - shorter style red boots.  THANK YOU GIRLS.

Kilmarnock Willow

Unexpectedly, the husband also bought me a gift for Mother's Day - not his usual form at all - I love these willows and had seen them in Tesco for £7 - yes that's right only £7 - so, it turns out that he too listens to me when I witter on about things I love.  THANK YOU HUSBAND!

Finally a little gift to myself!  Yes, it's allowed and it was only little after all. 

It's the poem about Mother which Rachel Ashwell has in her shop and a photograph of which is on the dedication page of her book Shabby Chic Interiors - Vanessa Kimbell mentioned it on her blog post about Mother's Day - this is a DIY version - I typed up the poem, popped it in a cheap black Ikea frame, tied a ribbon on the side and voila - it's on the wall now, I love it and stop and read it every day.

I hope everyone had a lovely day on Sunday.

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  1. Love the boots - and red too! Love the Willow. Love the poem - how clever of you.