Thursday, 5 January 2012

Playing Around Again .........

As you can see I'm playing around with the colour scheme and template for this blog - I think this might finally be it.

I've been chomping on Quality Street again whilst sitting here playing around - I do love the chocolate toffee fingers - unfortunately I think I may have lost a bit of filling from a tooth - no more Quality Street for me.


  1. I like grey and pink - although I am finding the cerise colour is a little hard to read - of course it could be I need some new glasses.
    My Quality Street had no toffee fingers this year!! I missed out.

  2. Thank you The Cookie Jar.

    Magnolia Verandah - it could be that you need new glasses - sorry to say. I can read it fine with my glasses on but if I take them off, it's just a pink blur!!