Friday, 30 December 2011

New Colour Scheme

I just can't make up my mind - so this colour scheme is on trial for the day until I make a decision.

Great Expectations concluded this evening and even though I know the story and how it would end, the ending still had me in tears.  What a great story.

A Tale of Two Cities goes slowly not because the story is slow but because I've been busy.  I thought at one time that I had read it but I now know that I have not read this book but have seen the film!  Aah, enlightenment.

I've been busy having a good clear out - eldest daughter has excelled herself in de-cluttering her room, but there are so many bags for the charity shop, and with rubbish day tomorrow the recycling bags are stretching way up the street!  I'm trying to make space for new kitchen equipment - pasta machine and electric steamer - yet  where I have been ruthless in clearing clutter I seem only to have made everything much more tidy and regimented but not created space - why does this happen?  Tomorrow is the turn of the understairs' cupboard - who knows what lurks in the depths.  I could be gone for quite a while.

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  1. Sorry here is a topic where I do procrastinate - but I really must do something about my wardrobe it is totally out of control!