Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Books, books, books ..................

I love the summer holidays for the opportunity to read and spend the occasional day doing nothing else except read, so I thought I would share some of my reading with you.  As I mentioned before in a previous post I was reading "One Fine Day" by Molly Panter Downs - this book was a delight, not too long and very easy to digest.  The second world war is over and this is a day in the life of a woman who lives in the country and how her life has now changed.

Still on the second world war, I have just finished reading "Doreen" by Barbara Noble this is set during the second world war and details the mental struggle one woman has deciding whether her young daughter should be "evacuated" from London.  She finally agrees to her daughter going away only to be beset by worry as to whether the child will find it too hard to adjust once the war is over and she has to return to London and the hardships incurred by her mother's poorer financial circumstances.

Finally, "Famous Last Words" by Annie Sanders - rather sad and touching in many places but has a happy ending - details five days in the life of a woman who is led to believe that she has only five days to live - happily this was not the case - oh dear have I given it away!

Hope you're all managing to get some reading during the summer.

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