Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Meadow

The weather having been so beastly for so long prevented me getting into the garden until this weekend.  As always seems to happen to me, I always have time for the garden when the weather is bad, and, never have the time when the weather is good. 

This has happened so frequently of late that the garden now resembles, and we have taken to calling it, the meadow.

Do you see what I mean?

So, on Saturday we had one hour, which was whittled down quite a bit by the time we got all the equipment out and dusted it down.  But with my little helper (younger daughter) we did manage to use the strimmer on the first half of the garden, in preparation for the lawn mower!



We had so little time that no "after" photographs were taken.

I do feel rather ashamed at the state of it, which somehow looks worse in the photographs than in reality, but making it public is my incentive to deal with it. 

I have three pots of strawberries which have been there for a few years, yet we only ever get half a dozen fruits at the most - the birds and slugs/snails help themselves.  I don't know whether to ditch them or leave them as food for other creatures.

So that my shame is complete - here are the rest of the photographs.

My one consolation is that with so many daisies and buttercups - the bees should have been happy.

And I'm quite happy because the apple tree has lots of baby apples, which is rather unusual - we had lots of apples last year and it's only supposed to fruit every other year.  This has happened before but not for several years.  My lovely Blenheim Orange apple tree is self pollinating and comes highly recommended for both cooking (it holds its shape really well) and eating (quite sharp if picked too early).

If I could have anyone's garden it would have to be Nigel Slater's, although come to think of it I'd rather like to have his kitchen too ...................... I can but dream.

Lots to do in the garden - no time for dreaming.


  1. I rather liked looking down the meadow to the little shed. It looked quite pretty.

  2. How does your garden grow? Did you make many pies with all those apples.