Monday, 28 May 2012

Chelsea Flower Show - Part I

The weather was perfect on Friday for a day on the river - well, it wasn't really a day more like a short trip up the river to Chelsea.  I had so been looking forward to going to the Chelsea Flower Show this year and the day began with a minor disaster - yes the car broke down on my way to my friend's house where I was going to leave the car before catching the train with said friend.  It managed to break down on a main road where I had stopped at traffic lights - as the lights turned green the car turned itself off!  As I waited for the AA to arrive a friendly policeman knocked on my window asking if I wanted to be pushed onto the side road because I was causing a traffic jam - fantastic.  Once on the side road I managed to relax a little - there's nothing like angry fellow motorists shaking their heads and fists at me and mouthing obscenities to make you feel uptight - of course I planned to break down where I did just to make their and my life difficult - honestly "there's nowt so queer as folk" or should I say "nothing like a little road rage in the morning".

My friend arrived before the AA and we sat and waited together - we didn't have to wait too long really and although he was unable to get the car going again he did arrange for it to be towed to my local garage - the alternator had died.

The car gone we were on our way also and decided to only travel part way to Chelsea by train and then boarded a clipper at London Bridge for a lovely relaxing trip up the river.

We ended up having a lovely day - I took lots of photographs and bought lots of seeds and made a list of more plants that I want!!  Now all I need is the time to sow everything.

Anybody know what these are called?  I know they are something Foxtail !

Can't remember the name of these either!

So many to choose from .... who can choose just one colour

How fabulous would this be in the front garden

I bought some of these bulbs - hope mine are as beautiful as these!

I want all of these!

A walled garden would make my life complete ..... well almost!

More photographs tomorrow.


  1. Oh Jen what a terrible start to the day, but the sail up the river would have to put you in a good mood before the meander around the show. How lovely - Sooooo jealous. Can't wait for more photos tomorrow. Will ask my "Lovely gardener" if he knows the names of some of these plants.

  2. The trip up the river was just what I needed after the rushing around I had to do from six o'clock Friday morning, then breaking down ............. all's well that ends well - the car was fixed on Friday so all is well with the world.

  3. I was there on Friday too. It was my birthday present. Your picture is of Eremurus, Foxtail lily I had them in my garden until the snow. I'm afraid to replace them as they were expensive when my husband bought them for me.

    1. How amazing - it was my birthday present too! Hope you had as lovely a day as I did. Thanks for the names of the plants, I hate that when you buy an expensive plant and they die because of the weather. I bought an Oleander the year before last and didn't bother to bring it in before we had snow, it looked as if it might come back to life last summer, but sadly it is definitely as dead as a dodo! Did you love the floral arrangements? I loved the chandelier type arrangements and took a photo of each one!

  4. I've never been to Chelsea but I love watching it on TV.
    What a lovely way to travel to the show (the boat not the car breaking down), I would never have thought of that.